Alison Ruth Designs is the public face of Alison Ellett, a Guelph-based maker-designer, who has been sewing, knitting, crocheting, embroidering and beading for as long as she can remember. Both a maker and a teacher, Alison divides her time as she enjoys both and believes one informs the other.  Her current product focus is on designing, making and selling two lines: wearable accessories and special-purpose bags, totes and cases. Her newest venture is Make Your Mark Studio where she is looking forward to running garment sewing classes, her popular Dressmaking Bee, technique workshops and a smattering of other fun stuff. In the works are a series of kits that will combine the two aspects of Alison's work.

Teaching Philosophy:

Handmade garments and accessories should stand the test of time. The quality of the materials used, the techniques employed and the thoughtfulness of the design should honour the time invested. To paraphrase William Morris, “There should be nothing in your closet that you do not find useful, believe to be beautiful or feel comfortable in.” In my classes, it is not about being a slave to the pattern or “doing it right,” but rather about producing an item that suits you and is likely to last for years to come.

Artist Statement:

Everyday objects should delight. They should feel good in your hand. They should bring colour and vibrancy to your day. You should enjoy using them because they are beautifully made and do what they are designed to do. I am a maker-designer of everyday objects.